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Expanding creativity in Yoga


By Arturo Samaniego Jr.


The Lenovo Yoga Book gives power to its creative users.

It’s a tablet that folds like a notebook and it bends in every angle like any Lenovo’s signature “Yoga” device. The magnesium alloy cover gives it a strong, confident look, and the hinges, as we’ve seen many times in previous Yoga devices, are some of the technological marvels that puts the Yoga Book into a top tier professional-grade tablet.

Simply put, we are smitten by the Yoga Book.


The screen uses a 1920×1200 resolution with 44 nits of brightness. It goes without saying HD movies are going to look fantastic here, so get ready to relieve your Captain America: Civil War moments in the comfort of your home or anywhere you can relax.

It’s featherweight and easy to carry around, its slimness allows it to slip right through anywhere for easy tucking. It has up to 13 hours of battery time and charges with a standard microUSB. Some people might find that irksome, in an era where Type-C ports are starting to transition to newer devices. But Lenovo’s vigilance to stay in a dated USB port tells us that the company acknowledges that not everyone has migrated to Type C. There are many people out there who still use a standard micro-USB for charging and in their flashdrives.

With the Yoga Book, Lenovo introduced the Halo Keyboard. It’s basically a touch panel where you can type and we know that doesn’t sound exactly comfortable especially when you’re going to devote hours writing a piece. But the Halo Keyboard turned out to be accurate.

There are the usually ticks and tacks and a haptic feedback that can be toggled on or off, but that had nothing to do with how accurate we were able to write with the Yoga Book. Sure, at first it feels a little awkward not to physically feel the keys you push down with your fingers, but in the next few minutes we were able to type on the Halo Keyboard almost as fast as we could while using a traditional physical keyboard. Of course that’s just us, the feeling can change per user, and we’re just pointing out that it’s a little easier than typing on screens.

The Halo Keyboard is geared up for another use than typing. You can use the Wacom digitizer on the Halo Keyboard to draw images on the screen and it’s fantastic. With a touch competition in giving artists more options in digitalizing their artworks, Lenovo isn’t about to back down. The Wacom digitizer is extremely accurate. Combine this with the Real Pen and you got one of the finest devices you can ever have to craft digital artworks.

The Yoga Book is one of Lenovo’s best creations to date. It is built to become a powerful tool for artists and for people who are always on-the-go.

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