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M Lhuillier Express Way to Success



During the 70’s one of the more popular courses to take was Business Administration, which eventually evolved into Business Management in 80’s up to the 90’s.  This allowed a good number of Filipinos to be employed in various business entities offering their expertise.  Though, some would use their business degrees and start up their own businesses.

A businessperson is a rather pioneering spirit that aims to build his or her own outside the corporate world, and as they say, are willing to “take the path less traveled”.   They are now more often referred to as Entrepreneurs.

Through the 70’s to the new millennia, the opportunities for business graduates have changed, so much that there are now specific courses offering Entrepreneurship as the main degree.  An exciting prospect for the Philippines, which will definitely gain from a growing number of entrepreneurs aiming to carve their own niche.

Being an entrepreneur does not have to be a “leap of faith”, it can be calculated and entered into with acceptable risks and good returns.  For those, who have ventured into establishing businesses like pharmacies, retail, ticketing, lending, cooperatives, money changer, pawnshop, Travel & Tours, and other similar ventures, there is a way to have an additional revenue stream.

Consider M Lhuillier Express, a partnership offer which aims to encourage current business owners to explore an additional way of expanding their business footprint.  It requires minimal training, space, and more importantly minimal investment.

For an investment of P99,000, an M Lhuillier Express is a quick expansion of any existing business. A turn-key solution for those business owners who are seeking to add more services for their customers.  An M Lhuillier Express offers a convenient way to send and to receive money through the ML Kwarta Padala system and ML Wallet.  And for each send out or payout transaction, a partner gets 30% commission of the actual service charge, which is received outright.

Assuming a transaction once a day, and earning an average service charge of P130, an M Lhuillier Express stands to earn P35,000 a month or P421,200 annually.  A quick return on investment with growing earning potentials as it becomes more and more popular within the locality.

Each investment includes an initial pre-fund of P25,000 loaded to  ML Wallet, a tablet, ML Kwarta Padala Express System, WiFi Printer, and marketing collaterals.  The marketing support is designed to gain immediate awareness in each new location; this includes M Lhuillier signage, tarpaulin, posters, standees, stickers, flyers, M Lhuillier polo shirts, and necessary forms and slips.

“We believe M Lhuillier Express is well suited for those entrepreneurs who are looking for more ways to build their business and be financially successful.   We offer it without franchising fees, and royalty fees, yet they get the full support of M Lhuillier.  And more importantly, it is immediately up and running’, said Ceasar Laro, division manager of M Lhuillier Express.

M Lhuillier Express is a viable addition to any business, and for those interested visit M Lhuillier Booth at the Franchise Asia Expo happening at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay, from July 21 to 23, 2017.  You may also contact M Lhuillier through mobile no. +63.947.999.0021, +63.947.999.9307, +63.947.999.9352, and get a free assessment.  For more information visit www.mlhuillier.com/ml-express/.  Take the express way to success with M Lhuillier Express.

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