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Amihan, Hyperledger join forces for a Blockchain-powered ASEAN


Amihan Global Strategies and Hyperledger, an open source consortium hosted by The Linux Foundation, launched the Philippines’ first-ever Blockchain Week last November 10.

The series of events kicks off a long-term partnership to unlock the potential of blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that powers Bitcoin.

Amihan Global Strategies is a technology company that accelerates digital transformation while Hyperledger creates open-source blockchain technologies for business. Together, the partners are utilizing blockchain to power breakthroughs in banking, retail, healthcare, media, and beyond.

Amihan Global Strategies executive chairman Winston Damarillo (left) and Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf

Amihan Global Strategies executive chairman Winston Damarillo (left) and Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf

Blockchain: The Next Digital Revolution

A blockchain is a distributed ledger that allows people around the world to link their computing power to create permanent records of exchange and build systems that have trust, accountability, security and transparency at their core.

The implications go beyond finance. Blockchain technology has the potential to solve problems that run the gamut from storing health records to tracking ethical consumption, monetizing digital content, tackling voter fraud, and more.

“The possibilities are limitless,” said Winston Damarillo, Executive Chairman of Amihan Global Strategies. “Our ambition is to move beyond possibilities towards action, towards real innovations that can spur a new wave of economic opportunity in one of the fastest growing

economic regions of the world.”

How to Disrupt Customer Loyalty and Digital Identity

Amihan is a leader in turning large enterprises into digital pioneers. Among their innovations is the Nimble Wallet, a unified platform for holding digital assets including cash, points, vouchers, and digital currencies.

Along with payments and remittance, the wallet enables businesses to incentivize customers by unifying disparate loyalty programs into one connected marketplace.

Amihan is also developing a blockchain-based universal ID that customers can use across different banks, businesses, and government institutions.

“The idea is to develop a self-sovereign identity,” said Damarillo, “where every individual has full access over their data and can share it with organizations and people that they trust.”

“Ultimately, blockchain technology is about building more distributed, more accountable, and more open transaction networks and services,” said Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger.

“With Amihan’s partnership, we are excited to see new blockchain-based ASEAN solutions that will revolutionize the region, and the entire digital world.”

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