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Samsung’s new technology for 2018 QLED line-up


By Inna Lagazon


During the recent Samsung Southeast Asia Visual Display tech Summit in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, the MB TechNews is among the Southeast Asia and Oceania region team schooled on the newest technical aspects of the Samsung 2018 QLED TV Lineup.

Samsung demonstrated the newest technology and features and upgrades on their QLED TVs by comparing the newest models to their predecessors. The three key areas they focused on were in Q Style, Q Picture and Q Smart.

Q Style

People nowadays are starting to care more about style when using their TVs. Gone are the days when you hide your TVs inside bulky cabinets with dozens of cables hanging all over as Samsung introduces the Magic Screen, One Invisible cable and the upgraded No Gap Wall-Mount.

The Magic Screen transforms the black screen into a stylish screen that blends into your home and your lifestyle. You won’t be staring into a black hole in the wall anymore with the new Samsung QLED TVs. Samsung lets you choose from three different categories that provides beautiful screen and useful lifestyle information. You can choose the Deco mode which lets you display a moving picture of a mountain, gravity, or water. With the Info mode you can choose between Basic-which lets you see the time, or the Weather. With Photo mode, you can select photos from your synced device and choose how you want to display it on your TV -Mono, Duo or Board.

You don’t have to worry about using the Magic Screen at home. The Magic Screenpromises low power consumption by using sensors to reduces power compared to normal viewing. Three hours a day will only add less than $1 to the monthly electricity bill. It is also burn-free. The Ambient mode displays still images for an extended period, but the QLED is free from any burn-in.

Samsung recognizes the need of people who want to save space and with that, they give the One Invisible Connection and No Gap Wall-mount.

The One Invisible Cable is an upgrade from last year’s Invisible Connection. Samsung has now integrated data and transmissions cable into one single cord so you can kiss those tangled cables goodbye. They also upgraded the wall mount so you can have a quicker and easier installation process so you can watch your shows right away.

Q Picture

When you think you’ve seen the brightest and most accurate colors for TV before, think again. Samsung has further reduced the size of the green and red quantum dots to produce over a billion shades of color for the most brilliant picture. Also, this year’s QLED also has an even deeper black contrast level. If you think you’ve seen the blackest color on TV, Samsung has made it even blacker this year. They have been able to separately control the gray scale, minimized the blooming area by increasing the BLU level in the middle and decreasing it at the edges, change the peak ratio of brightness through scene classification and have deeper blacks in letter boxes by controlling the BLU gain using the gradation profile.

The 2018 QLED models now also supports HDR10+ which optimizes the tone curve scene-by-scene to keep details in both the highlights and the shadows. This gives off a better contrast for HDR10+ content.

For gamers, this year’s QLED lineup will be able to give you the best gaming experience. They’ve made it possible to minimize input lag and adapt to Auto Game mode once you connect your console. The Variable Refresh Rate enables for a faster game experience which takes out the tearing/stuttering. For smoother gameplay, they have a 120Hz frame rate conversion which minimized the motion blur.You can now also connect your Steam Link app to your TV, no need to connect your console with an HDMI cable.

Q Smart

Samsung has really taken the Internet of Things into a whole new level. With the One Samsung Experience, you can easily and effortlessly connect all your smart appliances and devices to your TV. You can view and control your devices on your TV with the SmartThings Dashboard.You can also sync and share your smartphone’s content to your TV screen.

The Future of TV

With all those new technologies they demonstrated during the summit, Samsung has revealed that there is no stopping them when it comes to developing better technology for consumers viewing needs. They plan to introduce self-emitting, super-fine pitch μLED display technology with QLED TVs in the next couple of years.

Learn more about Samsung’s 2018 QLED line-up by visiting


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