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Samsung Galaxy J8 Shows Up Big



If the Galaxy J6 AND J7 PRO Smartphones aren’t suitable enough for your viewing pleasure, maybe the Galaxy J8 would be more of your thing.


The Samsung Galaxy J8 features a six inch Super AMOLED screen. This would make images brighter with more vibrant colors even with a 274 pixel density. This is a phone meant to carry out all your visual entertainment. If you have a blog or do written online content creation, the J8 is one of your staunch allies.

The J8 is a large phone by today’s~ standards, though it doesn’t feel like one. It shares some semblance to the Galaxy A series but built entirely on plastic. Despite this it feels durable and powerful enough to carry out – most daily tasks, like, checking your social media feed or taking a picture of your favorite fish ball.


The J8 is powered with by an octa-core processor with a clock speed of 1.8GHz. We were able to run some mobile games on the J8 with no problem on our end. Behind this power is a three-gig RAM, which provides plenty of’ speed to switch between multiple apps.

With a less demanding processor, the 3500mAh battery could go on for hours without having to fuss over with a power bank. A healthy dose of thirty minutes playing PUBG Mobile and one movie that’s little over two hours left us plenty of battery to spare for the rest of the day.

When picking a phone, it’s important to ask ourselves what are we going to use it for.  The J6, the J7 Pro, and the new A6 seem a more suitable task for that. Want the cream of the crop, the S9 and the S9+ are for yours in the picking. Want the top of the line specs but with a stylus? There’s the Note 8 waving at you. While the J8 can run mobile games pretty well, I find this phone targeted for people who wants a decent design with decent- specs, but still be able to have a ton of fun with it.

If you will be jumping on most social media platforms out there: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, among others, all three of the J8’s cameras are backed with excellent software optimization. The 16MP and 5MP rear cameras take impressive photos, shooting and processing fast. Sometimes the camera app takes a moment longer to fire up. The J8 won’t be lagging behind in the selfie game. The front 16MP camera takes sharp and detailed images.

You can record 1080p videos. No 4K-inclusion, which is just fine in my book 4K takes way too much space and unless you’re planning to shoot your own Indie film with a Samsung phone, the lack of 4K shouldn’t be an issue.

As tradition in most phones these days, the fingerprint sensor is located at the back, and unlocks the phone blazing fast. Facial recognition is also included and works pretty well. There is a feature called “Faster recognition” that, obviously, makes facial recognition work faster. But a quick caveat from Samsung says that this will also reduce security, allowing videos or images of the user to unlock the phone. I’ve tried tested risk myself multiple times and so far, none of my photos were able unlock the J8. It’s safe to assume the J8’s facial recognition is tight enough and unauthorized users faking the recognition system is extraordinarily slim.

At the bottom of the J8 is a typical microUSB port. Samsung seems to refuse switch to Type C, which is reasonable, given that a microUSB is still widely used in the country. At one point we’d need to wonder if Samsung will be among those that would help push for a Type C migration because the benefits of having one are great things: Faster charging and faster read/write speeds. But right now, we’re in no real immediate rush for it.

Shipping with the J8 is Dual Mesenger, which allows you to create two Messenger accounts. For Sam-sung, this lets you create two distinct social spheres, between your personal life, which includes friends and family, and your business contacts. Samsung walked the mile to include Secure Folder.

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