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Apple’s 2019 iPhones fail to impress?

Prof. Rom Feria


Like an annual religious ritual, Apple went on stage to reveal their next-generation iPhones. Like most iPhone reveals, this one “disappoints”! How? Read on.

  1. No USB-C. Yes, with Android phones now on USB-C, and the iPad Pros transitioned to USB-C, Apple was expected to shift the iPhone this year. The 2019 iPhones: the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, all retained the lightning port. The Pro label merits a better USB-C to lightning cable coupled with an 18W USB-C charger. Next year’s iPhone Pro is primed for USB-C.
  2. No bi-directional wireless charging. Yes, Samsung had this for years! This would have allowed the iPhones to charge the AirPods (in the wireless charge case)!
  3. Only 2X telephoto zoom. Why can’t Apple just deliver 8 to 10 times telephoto zoom like the competition? The iPhone 11 does not come with a telephoto lens, instead it provides 2x wider (zoom out?). The Pros come with the same 2x wider view (zoomed out) and 2x telephoto zoom.
  4. Paltry battery life. Only 4–6 hours longer than the previous model? C’mon! When can I have three-day battery life?
  5. Ugly camera bump and “weird” camera layout. The three camera lens layout on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max creates an ugly bump. The triangular layout ensures that each lens is of equal distance from each other — making all three focus on the same subject at the same time, which is what the Pro models do.
  6. Same old boring design. No in-display fingerprint reader. Same ugly notch. This is surely because Jony Ives is no longer involved in the new products. Apple claims a faster FaceID detection, with wider FaceID scanning angles, which no other smartphone in the market today can beat!
  7. IP68 water resistant rating only. Why can’t Apple make a fully waterproof iPhone? Why only water resistance?
  8. What? No 5G? 2019 iPhones do not come with 5G! How can I get gigabit speeds in 5G areas, even if the technology is still not yet widely available? C’mon!
  9. No Apple Pencil support. How can it compete against the Samsung Galaxy Note models? No Apple Pencil support means fewer sales! Ha!
  10. No radar? The next Google Pixel will come with this new sensor!

Apple obviously can’t innovate anymore! What would Steve Jobs say? I am sure people who know Steve Jobs very well would know what he would have done! Never mind the amazing, industry leading, new A13 Bionic chip that will blow all 2019 smartphones out of the water! Heck, it will even be better than 90% of the 2020 smartphone line-up, until the next A-series chip comes out.

Forget about the amazing video capture capabilities of the Pro models as well — even if no other smartphone in the market today can match it! That does not matter, because no 5G! No Pencil support!

Forget about the Super Retina XDR display! Whilst it can butt heads with the best displays from Samsung, it still won’t be enough. Yes, because no 5G!

Forget about the new U1 ultra wide-band spatial awareness chip that makes the iPhone aware of its location in 3D space. Yes, because no Pencil support, no 5G!

With Steve Jobs gone, and Jony Ives no longer at the helm of design, Apple can no longer innovate! Apple is doomed! So, when will the new iPhone 11 models be available in the Philippines? I can’t wait to get the iPhone 11 Pro!

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