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20 days with the Samsung Galaxy Fold: Once you go black, you never go back!

Art Samaniego Jr



To date, the Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s most expensive and most technologically advanced mobile device. I was told that after more than one thousand prototypes, including the failed first attempts of Samsung to launch a flexible phone, the one that I got is the perfect version of a foldable phone from the Korean tech giant.

All foldable device out there including the Galaxy Fold have the best specs you need in a phone — storage, RAM, camera, processor, display and performance are all maxed up to support the foldable form factor. If you need specs, Google!
Here’s my personal experience with the Samsung Galaxy Fold:

The Fold’s 4.6inch external display is comfortable enough for checking social media, viewing emails, taking photos, answering sms and of course calling. When folded, it reminds me of the Nokia 9300i my favorite device back in 2005.

When I need a bigger screen to watch videos, view photos, post on social media and show presentations to my colleagues, I simply unfold it. The 7.3inch dynamic AMOLED screen when unfolded is perfect for viewing videos and photos.


Just recently, I attended a Christmas Tree lighting celebration at Taal Vista Hotel, in Tagaytay. The audience was so impressed with the performers that I requested to take a selfie with them after the event (using the Fold of course). I used the camera while the phone was folded, and unfolded the device to show them the photo. The four young men known as the Opus One shouted in amazement that a small crowd gathered around us. They were so impressed with the device that the conversation was all about it. Surely, it’s a conversation piece and people love to fold and unfold it taking videos and photos (without me).

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a transformer. A tablet when I want it, and a phone when I need it. It’s like a book, open it when you need to read something and just snap it close after.
Using the Samsung Galaxy Fold is awkward at first but as I used it more, I realized that I would have a hard time going back to my regular phones. Folding and unfolding has become effortless that it has become instinctive with this device – sending messages, fold; posting on Tiktok, unfold; calling someone, fold; reading emails, unfold.

To push the Samsung Galaxy Fold to its limits, I also stopped using my PC in the office. I connected a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to it. For 20 days now, I’m using the Fold for my office works like editing stories, checking emails and even editing short videos. In fact, this story was written and edited using the Galaxy Fold. Here’s how my day looks like: I arrive at the office daily before 7:30am, I mount the Fold on the Logitech bluetooth keyboard and then I start working. At around 5:30pm, I just pick it up, put it inside my pocket and go. Of course I also bring it when I go for coffee and meetings in between.

HID Global's launch of its new fingerprint reader (3)

After a few days, I attended the Philippine launch of HID Global’s Biometric-as-a-Service campaign bringing of course the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The executives noticed it and the discussion shifted from the launch of their fingerprint readers to the features of my device. (From left) Nelson Fung, APAC Product Marketing Manager, Physical Access Control System, HID Global; Alex Tan, ASEAN Sales Director, Physical Access Control System, HID Global; Jonathan Co, General Manager, IoT; and Christian Marcos, Regional Sales Manager, HID Global.

The Fold has redefined all my expectations in a mobile device. From just a device of consumption, the mobile has now become a device of production. The only letdown for now about the Fold is the price. Samsung however said that this phone is not for everyone, if you noticed the price and not the technology, this means the Fold is not for you. The Galaxy Fold is a testimony that Samsung could reinvent the wheel and make it better.

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